IDEATEsomething 2019

IDEATEsomething is back. Join us in this opportunity where you will Learn and understand on the support provided by SUTD Entrepreneurship Centre, and key players in Singapore. followed by 3-days ideation workshop, and customer validation & mentoring with an opportunity to pitch for $1,000 grant to realize your idea.

1. Team Formation & Idea scoping
21st June 2019; 2.00pm – 5.00pm Venue: Cohort Classroom 14 (2.507)

2. Ideation Workshop
3th – 5th July; 9.00am – 5.00pm Venue: Cohort Classroom 14 (2.507)

3. Market Validation & Mentoring
Each team will be given $300 resource to proceed with their market validation, and a regular mentoring session.

4. Pitching Time
9th August, 3.00pm
Team will present their findings during market validation and pitch their idea. Up to 3 teams will be awarded $1,000.

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