3 SUTD Teams Made it To 2019 China-ASEAN Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals

The 2019 China-ASEAN Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition semi-finals concluded on 27 August 2019 in Singapore, where three SUTD teams made it to the finals in the Open Category.

The three SUTD teams went on to win prizes at the grand finale which was held from 9 September to 12 September 2019, in Nanning, China. Team CASTomize won the Second Prize while the other two SUTD teams, LOCOMO and LIPEN, both won the Special Award.

CASTomize is a new system of casting procedure, introducing custom-fit 3D printed casts which allow for modular rehabilitative functional tiles. Unlike traditional casts made of plaster and fiberglass which are bulky and have up to 60% risks of misfits, CASTomize minimizes the risks of misfits and discomforts while accelerating recovery.

LIPEN is an authentication technology that incorporates facial recognition, lip movement analysis and liveness checks for secure and convenient logins.

LOCOMO is an immersive Mixed Reality working space that allows companies to create the hyper-realistic working environments of their dreams, using VR technology.

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