Create4Good Challenge 4 Results

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Grand Prize Winner – $50,000: TELLO

A digital communication tool to enable patients with paralysis to express themselves beyond mere daily necessities. it functions as a sentence building app that makes use of graphic and animation to help users chose words and phrases to join together.


1st Runner Up – $30,000: AMAI

A biodegradable product that is engineered to reduce the time taken to clean your teeth. it works by releasing an antibacterial agent that is contain within, making cleaning teeth both easy and a treat due to the taste of the product.


2nd Runner Up – $20,000: HAVA LAB

A plant based indoor air purifier that helps to monitor the indoor air quality and purifies your air. it also helps to provide indoor aesthetic.



  1. BrainKonnect: A device based on EEG and accompanying software that allows the deaf to communicate with the hearing persons that do not understand sign language.
  2. BLYSS: a platform that help to break the stigma surrounding mental healthcare needs. it provide a platform to connect patient with established counsellor.

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