Create4Good Challenge III Results

Grand Prize Winner – $50,000: UGLYGOOD
UglyGood is a cleantech startup addressing the increasingly perilous issues of climate change and food wastage. By leveraging on green technology and scientific research, the startup has been able to transform organic waste into valuable products. To date, UglyGood has diverted over 10,000kg of waste, and reduced over 20,000kg of carbon emissions.


1st Runner Up – $30,000 : PiezoPlus
With an ever-increasing population density of urban cities worldwide, piezoelectricity has become a new untapped source of energy. We aim to effectively harvest this energy with our patented piezoelectric material, to provide another source of clean alternative energy to power up urban cities.


2nd Runner Up – $20,000: Sentience
Sentience introduces a device to detect fatigue in drivers, and render a stimulus to keep the driver alert and safe.



IMG_4452 IMG_4328
IMG_4340 IMG_4352
IMG_4377 IMG_4396
IMG_4412 IMG_4386
IMG_4438 IMG_4441
IMG_4465 IMG_4468
IMG_4467 IMG_4466

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