ZaiBike is changing Singapore’s cycling culture with smart tech

Article from e27

The team, comprised of university students, is already making significant headway into building their bicycle sharing project in Singapore

Compared to the Netherlands and Taiwan, Singapore is lacking in adequate bicycle-friendly facilities. Not only is there a scarcity in cycling lanes, public bicycle kiosks are also almost non-existent unless you are at park by the beach.

Nine enterprising students from the Singapore University of Design and Technology are tackling these pain points with their startup ZaiBike.

Its mission is to create a vibrant cycling ecosystem by introducing a smart public bicycle incorporating features such as a smart locking and theft-proofing system and a GPS. It also allows users to rent reserve, or return the bicycle through their smartphones.

e27 spoke with ZaiBike Co-Founder and CEO Lee Jun Xiang to find out more about the startup.

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