ZaiBike’s win the LTA Engineering Challenge.

LTA Engineering Challenge, university category, a group of recent graduates from Singapore University of Technology and Design won with their ZaiBike bicycle-sharing plans. Two from the team of nine recent SUTD graduates have started their own company to turn it into reality.

A box controls a lock on the bicycle. When users scan the QR codes on the bike to rent it, signals will be wirelessly sent to release the lock.

Bicycle stands are not needed; as a result, there is less hassle to find or wait for a slot that is free to return the bicycle. Available space is also more effectively utilised. The backend data also allows the company to figure out where the demand for the bikes is, to cater to it.

Said Mr Lee Jun Xiang, 24, one of the two now working full time on their start-up: “We’re considering academic campuses and business parks as deployment sites (for our bicycles), and also bikes with ‘hill-assist’ and e-scooters in the near future too.”

Read the complete story in Strait Times here:

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