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Have a passion for making an impact in the world around you? If you have the drive, we have the


Create4Good (C4G) Innovation Fund is a 10-week programme aiming to enable individuals to fulfil their passion for helping the community through entrepreneurship while building a sustainable model to ensure lasting impact in the community they serve. We want to help you become the next exciting social entrepreneur.

social innovation and entrepreneurship course
An Asian entrepreneur poses for the picture with his staff in the background.
social innovation and entrepreneurship course
A senior lady smiles as she engages with her mobile device with her peer.
Social innovation and entrepreneurship course Singapore
A child in a construction vest with the back facing the camera. He holds up a paper airplane in his right hand as he readies to launch it.

We create the platform for you to fulfil your mission to help the underprivileged communities by providing you with the tools, network and support so you can be the driver of your cause. You will learn the latest startup methodology, attend panels and discussions, get involved in the community – all within the context of social ventures.

social innovation and entrepreneurship course
A trekker in an orange jacket faces the mountain in front of him.
Social innovation and entrepreneurship course Singapore
A migrant worker from South Asian descent poses for the camera.
social innovation and entrepreneurship course
A senior man smiles as he counsels his younger peer.

Create4Good (C4G) Innovation Fund is a social venture programme by the late philanthropist Mr Kwek Leng Joo, who made a personal mission to help youths focus their talents on tackling current and pressing social problems. To do this, the programme has sharpened its focus to reducing inequality in society, aligning with the United Nation’s Development Goal #10 (info).


Together, we believe you can make a difference.

C4G 2022

In 2022, the C4G social entrepreneurship initiative shall be solely coordinated by SUTD. Interested teams are encouraged to identify problem statements to address social and economic inequalities amongst the vulnerable groups in Singapore.


Shortlisted teams will be provided incubation support from SUTD along with curated workshops and relevant industry domain experts to be their mentors. They will finally present their ideas to an evaluating panel comprising of representatives from the family of the late Mr. Kwek Leng Joo.

Selected teams will receive funding of $50,000 each.




You will start your journey by identifying a problem that resonates with your values. Dive in and research, ideate and tell us how your solution can provide a deep, lasting impact in the community you wish to serve.


If you are new to the social impact space, we have partnered with three Social Service Providers who have contributed six problem statements to kickstart your ideation process. You can learn about these problems below.


Put together a short write up and help us get to know you better — application instructions here.

Who can apply?

Minimum 3 and a maximum of 5 members in each team, with the majority being SUTD affiliated.


Key Partners

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) is a Social Service Agency formed in 1972 to prevent drug-abuse in Singapore by raising awareness of the dangers of drug and substance abuse, and to provide counselling and aftercare where necessary

1 Employability
2 Support

Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped

Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) is the national voluntary welfare organization for the visually impaired. Founded in 1951, the association is affiliated to the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC)




1 Financial Services
2 Non-Visual Information



Founded in 2006, HealthServe seeks to meet the needs of the migrant workers in our community through the provision of medical care, counseling, case work, social assistance, and other support services. Over the years, they have developed partnerships with regulatory authorities, agencies, schools and corporate organisations to initiate public health awareness programs and research projects.


1 Social Integration
2 Communication Building

Existing teams can also propose their own problem
statement to work on during the programme


Through this programme you can be expected to:

social innovation and entrepreneurship course

Gain deep insights into how entrepreneurship can be a driver for social causes.

social innovation and entrepreneurship course

Develop your solutions and impact-driven business model for your social venture

social innovation and entrepreneurship course

Interact with peers with the same passion for social causes

social innovation and entrepreneurship course

Rub shoulders with industry players who have walked the journey

Validate and test your ideas with the community you serve

Receive mentorship from social entrepreneurs to guide you through the process.

By the end of the programme, selected teams will also receive additional support through:

A S$ 50,000 pre-seed venture grant to kickstart your venture

Incubation support from SUTD’s Venture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship team

Dedicated venture partner to guide you through the first 6-month post-programme

Programme Timeline

7 Nov –
5 Dec

Call for Proposals wave 1

19 Dec –
2 Jan

Shortlist announcement 1

5 Dec –
2 Jan

Call for Proposals wave 2

16 Jan –
28 Jan

Shortlist announcement 2

28 Jan –
3 Apr

  • 10-week Program – Immersion in week of 20 Mar

* Read here to learn more about the early-bird privileges


Still unsure about the programme, join us for a series of events to better understand the programme and our partners.

Social impact and technology

Tech for Good: Can we Marry Social Impact with Technology?


  • Representatives from HealthServe, SANA and SAVH
  • Weiren Loh (Senior Ecosystem Development and Programme Manager, Venture Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SUTD)


We sit down with our partner organization to discuss their view on technology, social enterprises and their role in creating impact in Singapore.

Platform: Zoom

social entrepreneurship

The Social Entrepreneurship Journey: Is it for me?


  • Ken Chua (Founder, (these)abilities)
  • Weiren Loh (Senior Ecosystem Development and Programme Manager, Venture Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SUTD)


Ken shares his journey as a social entrepreneurs in a candid, no-frill conversation. Learn about the good and the bad about social entrepreneurship to help you learn if this is a journey for you.

Platform: Gathertown

How to apply

STEP 1: Invitation for proposals

Your proposal must include the following:

  • Problem Statement to tackle
  • Proposed Partner Organization
  • Preliminary Market Analysis
  • Preliminary Ideation / Customer Discovery summary (200 words or less)

You can either submit your application in teams or individual:

  • Team application:
  • Team Lead
  • Title and Education background of applicants
  • Team Biography (50 words)
  • Resume for each member (2-page)
  • Declaration of any existing funding status of proposed solution
  • Individual application:
  • Technical/Non-technical background
  • The problem statement they wish to work on.
  • Proposed idea
  • Biography (up to 300 words)
  • Resume (2-page)

STEP 2: Shortlisting

Shortlisted teams will be notified via email with further instructions.

  • The 1st wave of shortlisted teams will be notified around mid – December 2021 (Early bird advantage – Access to domain expert mentors to help on their problem statements).
  • The shortlisted team from the 2nd wave of proposals will be announced around mid – January 2022.


Selection criteria and team composition:

  • Minimum 2 pax, Maximum 5 pax
  • Majority members are SUTD students/alumni  
  • Have not incorporated an enterprise in prior experience  
  • Teams who received more than S$50K grant or funding are not eligible to participate   


Ready to dive in? Here’s how you can apply to the programme

For teams between 3 - 5 members

Your proposal must include the following:

Team application:

Selection criteria and team composition:

Application form can be found here

For solo applicants

For solo applicants:

Eligibility criteria for solo application:

Application form can be found here


To help you get a head start, selected early applicants will be informed by mid-December 2021.

Early successful applicants get 2 hour session with our entrepreneur-in-residence to help refine their solutions.

For other applicants, including the remainder of the early applicant, the outcome of your applicants will be announced in mid-January 2022.


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Have a question about the programme?

Check out our FAQ here

or write to us at