Lean Launchpad Programme

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What is it about?

Since 2018, SUTD has served as a decentralised satellite node to coordinate the LLP programme and catalyse the engagement of academic researchers from all publicly funded institutes to the programme. The satellite node network will scale up the market potential assessment of more technological innovations, to generate a pipeline of commercial technologies that may flow into downstream follow-on programmes.

The heavily intensive programme will equip them with the knowledge of critical success factors for commercialisation through an evidence-based validation process. This is done by encouraging the teams to get out and talk to potential users and customers, obtain feedbacks to better understand users’ needs and perspectives and then further develop on their product and business models to increase the chance of commercialisation.


Program Structure

The National LLP is conducted over a period of 10 weeks through the Lean methodology which emphasises rapid, iterative and low-cost experiential learning, with participants focusing on discovering customer problems that their technology can best solve, and exploring the right business model to deliver their solutions


Week 1


Week 2 - 8

Track Workshops


Week 10

Final Presentations Day

Teams are grouped by technology domain tracks, with each track facilitated by a programme instructor experienced in the domain. Available programme tracks include




Infocomm Technology (ICT, software-based)

Benefits of LLP


First national programme with expanded pool of instructors and industry mentors


Learn it the Lean way to validate your assumptions and create impact

Real hands-on learning how to determine the value proposition, MVP and establish product market fit so that to discover your product and technology’s beachhead market.



Project teams may apply to commercialise a technology project.
Each team should ideally have 4 team members:

  • A principal investigator/inventor or senior post-doc from SUTD

  • Researcher from SUTD

  • One team member as Entrepreneurial Lead

  • May include 1 or 2 other team members    

right_arrowResearch teams supported by publicly-funded Institutes of Higher Learning and Research Institutes in Singapore
right_arrowIndividuals may apply as Business / Entrepreneurial Leads to join a technology team. Graduates, MBA and MSc students, working professionals with business training or entrepreneurial experience are eligible.
right_arrowParticipants must be residing in Singapore. Acceptance Criteria- Minimum Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3 – technology has some demonstrated technical feasibility.

For more information please visit: Lean Launchpad Singapore – COMMERCIALISING TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS (nus.edu.sg).