STARTSomething @ SUTD

An entrepreneur is lying dormant in all of us. Bring out the hidden Entrepreneur in you with STARTSomething@SUTD! Whether you are part of the SUTD family or a working professional, STARTSomething@SUTD is open to anyone and everyone. As long as you are interested in exploring entrepreneurship and starting a business venture, we warmly welcome you to join us 😁



You will enjoy a series of entry-level workshops & mentoring sessions to help you form a solid foundation on the basic know-how of initiating, building and launching a startup. Meet like-minded individuals who may share your passion and ideas, create a team and work on your dream startup! Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit with us at STARTSomething@SUTD!

IDEATESomething teaches the basic building blocks of entrepreneurship to SUTD students. The workshops will impart basic entrepreneurial knowledge and skills such as:


  • 1) Ideation processes
  • 2) Value Proposition
  • 3) Market Validation
  • 4) Pitching

Upgrading onto what was taught previously, BUILDSomething dives deeper into essential knowledge that helps develop an idea into a workable venture. Topics may include but are not limited to:



  • 1) Building a business model canvas
  • 2) Effective leadership and communication skills
  • 3) Prototyping 101s
  • 4) Basic financial skills

Finally, LAUNCHSomething introduces students to more advanced business essentials they will need in order to launch and run their startup. Topics may include but are not limited to:



  • 1) Startup Marketing Essentials
  • 2) Managing competition & retaining customer focus
  • 3) Risk management
  • 4) Incorporation Strategies
  • 5) Intellectual Property