Start Something SUTD

STARTSomething @ SUTD

A 3 terms program for undergraduates in exploring them to entrepreneurship and to teach them how to build a business. Each term will consists of workshops & mentoring sessions to help students form a solid foundation on the basic know-hows of launching a business.

IDEATESomething teaches the basic building blocks of entrepreneurship to SUTD students. The workshops will impart basic entrepreneurial knowledge and skills such as:


  • 1) Ideation processes
  • 2) Value Proposition
  • 3) Market Validation
  • 4) MVP
  • 5) Pitching

Upgrading onto what was taught in IDEATESomething, BUILDSomething dives deeper into essential knowledge that helps develop an idea into a workable venture. Topics may include but are not limited to: 


  • 1) Building a business model canvas
  • 2) Effective leadership and communication skills
  • 3) Protoyping
  • 4) Basic financial skills 

Introduces students to more advanced business knowledge they will need in order to launch and run their startup. Topics may include but are not limited to: 


  • 1) Digital Marketing,
  • 2) Managing competition & retaining customer focus
  • 3) Risk & time management
  • 4) Essential knowledge to incorporate your business (tax compliance, sourcing for fundings/grants, licenses, etc.)
  • 5) Intellectual Property